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Koala Health vs. Chewy vs. PetMeds: Which Pet Medicine Brand Do I Trust?

ByAnnie CowenFeb 18, 2024

If you know me, you know that I love dachshunds – peep the above photo of 5-year old me with my first dachshund, Lucky. Anyone who has grown up with a puppy that is there for every big moment knows that their furry friends are part of the fam. I recently adopted Ruby, and she is my pride and joy – I would hate myself if I ever let anything bad happen to her.

Recently, Ruby has had some ongoing medical concerns that require medication, so I researched online pet meds delivery services. Through my research, I found three standouts – Koala Health, Chewy, and PetMeds. I compared them to see which is best:

For the best customer service experience for both you and your pet… Koala Health

Recently, Ruby was prescribed post-surgery medications as part of her recovery from getting spayed. These are meds I can barely pronounce, much less understand their application. All I know is one was an anti-inflammatory drug and the other was an antibiotic.

Koala Health’s customer service helped me every step of the way. The ordering process was super easy: all I had to do was provide the name of my vet, and they organized everything perfectly. They made it so simple for me – I didn’t have any questions about what medications I should give to Ruby and when I should do it. It put our minds at ease that we had such a wonderful company we could depend on to help us when Ruby needed it most.

For free shipping on any size order… Koala Health

If an online pharmacy doesn’t offer free shipping then forget it – I’m just gonna go stand in line at an in-person one. I mean, times are tough and I just can’t justify wasting any money on shipping.

Koala Health always ships free for any size order–a huge win for the cost conscious among us. And if Ruby ever has an emergency, Koala upgrades all first time orders to expedited shipping at no extra charge. To get free shipping with Chewy or PetMeds, you need to spend $49 or more.

For a pet that isn’t a dog or a cat… Chewy or PetMeds

This really doesn’t apply to me, but figured I should highlight that Koala Health isn’t a fit for you if you don’t have a dog or cat. On the other hand, PetMeds has dog, cat, and horse medication, so they are a great resource for your equine friends. Chewy goes a step further: their pharmacy covers all kinds of farm animals, along with cats, dogs, birds, and even reptiles. So if you have a menagerie, Chewy is probably the best bet for your non-traditional pet.

For that personal, concierge touch… Koala Health

Koala Health’s box arrived with Ruby’s name (first, middle, and last! 🐶) on the label. Inside the box were all of her medications, a fun bandana, and a handwritten message.

Each medication was individually wrapped with her full name, the name of the medication, and individual dosage instructions. They even included the time, date, and name of the caregiver who would be administering the dose for each medication, which is super useful for our often conflicting schedules.

Koala Health has professional vets on staff if you have any questions, but more importantly, they work with your vet to get the most important safety information correct every time.

Koala Health for the win!

We’re all wildly busy today—hell, we’re too busy to be busy—and getting to the vet to pick up meds is harder than ever.

Our dogs and cats shouldn’t have to suffer for that, and the customer service, free shipping, personalized care experience, and overall ease of getting prescriptions filled put Koala Health at the top of my pet care rankings.

If your dog or cat is in need of some extra care, give Koala Health a try!